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Martyr CID Inspector of Jammu & Kashmir Police Chuni Lal Shalla | New Delhi Cables

  CID Inspector of Jammu & Kashmir Police Chuni Lal Shalla Chuni Lal Shalla was a kashmiri Hindu.He was posted as CID Inspector of Jam...

 CID Inspector of Jammu & Kashmir Police Chuni Lal Shalla

Chuni Lal Shalla was a kashmiri Hindu.He was posted as CID Inspector of Jammu & Kashmir Police posted at kupwara during the Genocide and Exodus of Kashmiri Hindus.

Jammu & Kashmir CID Inspector Chuni Lal Shalla


Seer Jagir, Sopore, Baramulla


Martyred on 1 May 1990

Kashipora Village,Handwara,Kashmir India

Alma mater

Kashmir University


Jammu & Kashmir CID Inspector


Sudesh Shalla


2, Sushma (Daughter), Sumit (Son)


Indian Hindu


Early Life and Education

Chunni Lal Shalla was born in a Kashmiri Brahmin Zamindar family in a village named "Sheer Jagir" near Sopore in Baramulla.He had his initial education in Sopore and after that he went to Sri Pratap College Srinagar for Higher studies. He always wanted serve his motherland so he joined Jammu and Kashmir Police as a Sub-Inspector.

Police Career

Inspector Chuni lal Shalla was then an inspector in the CID department of the Jammu and Kashmir Police and during his posting in Kupwara, he interrogated several Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists, after which Inspector Shalla used to get threatening letters which Inspector Shalla never cared and he continued to do his duty fearlessly.

When Inspector Shalla came to know that his jeep had developed some technical snag then he decided to board the bus to Baramulla. As he reached the bus stand Kupwara , he sat in the bus while his PSO approached a man wearing a pheran near the butcher’s shop and hugged him telling him “he is in the bus”. His PSO checked from the man whether they were carrying the weapons or not.

Once the bus moved out of the bus stand a van started following it. After travelling a few kilometres, the van overtook the bus and stopped it. Three men jumped out of the van and one opened the driver’s door and put a gun on his head while other two men entered the bus and shouted Inspector Shalla's name and told him to stand up. He sat quietly ,so did other passengers who knew him. Suddenly his PSO pointed his finger towards Inspector Shalla thus disclosing his identity to the terrorists. He was forcibly deboarded from the bus and the driver and passengers were threatened not to open their mouths, an instruction that they followed religiously and didn’t utter even a single word to anyone.

He was driven away in the van to a village Kasipora near Handwara where he was brutally tortured, his teeth were broken, his bones were smashed. Then they tried to hang him but He gave a very tough fight, so they shot him from point blank range in his temple and a brave Indian fell to fanatic Islamic terror.


After Assassination

It has been 30 years but no investigation has been initiated till now, Shalla family has been awaiting justice since 1 May 1990.

But after so many years ,the administration has not given First Information Report and Post Mortem Report to Shalla family.


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